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WELCOME - AHCM Summer 2016 Issue
Dear Friends & Readers of Arab Horse Couture Magazine,

As we move through the warm Summer months of 2016, I am often reminded of the wonderful global Arabian horse shows, races and events that are hosted by our many gracious countries worldwide. This is a display of passion; a community of people working together to promote and preserve this historic breed.... the Arabian horse. The tireless efforts of those arranging spectacular international Arabian horse shows and events is incomparable. In addition, the breeders, trainers, owners and enthusiasts display their true loyalty to this magnificent Arabian horse we all so dearly love, cherish and respect. We are reminded daily of the quality and caliber of the Arabian horses in the world today; their true presence is as breathtaking and regal as the Arabian horse revered by so many throughout history. In this Summer 2016 issue of Arab Horse Couture Magazine, an extremely talented group of writers have joined together to present to us a vast array of knowledge regarding the Arabian horse. This creativity of talent reminds us of all the various lifestyles that evolve from this magnificent creature.... the Arabian horse.

Arab Horse Couture Magazine gives us a glimpse of the many aspects of owning, caring for and admiring the Arabian horse. This is a publication for all involved in the Arabian horse industry worldwide. A place where we may all come together to strengthen the bond that holds us together as a united community. The preservation of the majestic Arabian horse depends on the modern day involvement of many people worldwide. We must all work together to ensure the Arabian horse remains true to its historical heritage. The future purity and success of the Arabian breed lies in the hands of its owners today. My personal hope is, as caretakers of the breed, we all work together for the common goal of holding this Arabian horse near and dear to our hearts to provide an everlasting future for the breed.

Best Wishes for a Magnificent Summer Season!

Laura J. Brodzik Owner Founder & Publisher
Arab Horse Couture Magazine - AHCM
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